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Different shades of brick on the walls, a massive wall clock, whicker tables and area rugs over wood-look tile all project different textures in this contemporary space.

There are dozens of ways to make a home renovation unique and personal. Using texture as a design element is increasingly popular. Textures add to the liveliness of any space and make you Madison WI home remodel stand out.

There are times when even the most complete renovation plan just doesn’t “pop.” All the creative components are there – color scheme, décor items, furnishings, cabinetry, lighting. Yet the combination feels “flat.” What can add the sizzle? Applying texture to the walls, ceiling of floor.

What is “texture?” It is both visual and tactile – it is special to look at and touch. Using texture is definitely a positive design trend it has little to do with the function of the space. It is mostly “just for looks.” But it adds mood, personality and mystique just by being there.

Using Texture You Can…

What does creating a strong visual image add to your home remodel? When you include elements of texture in the plan, you can:

  • Add “visual weight” – to define a space’s ability to draw your attention. It’s a perception effect with a few general rules that impact it:
    • Larger appears heavy – heavy things get more attention.
    • Darker appears heavier – true especially when surroundings are light.’
    • Complex designs appear heavier – complicated stone or brick wall designs or intricate tile patterns as examples.
    • Placement matters – putting objects and materials in corners or part way into a room shift the balance and make them appear heavier.
    • Light colors appear weigh less – balance the “heavy” colors and textures with light-colored element
  • Increase comfort levels – like colors, textures can project feelings of warmth. Rough textures make a space feel intimate and down-to-earth. Smooth, shiny surfaces represent a sleek, or an aloof setting. Putting smooth surfaces next to rough ones makes the rough stand out even when it covers less space.
  • Introduce balance – contrast in home design is vital to keeping rooms in balance and providing visual interest. When everything in a room is the same there’s no focal point and space appears start and uninviting. Using texture insures your key elements stand out.
Home Design | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC
From its octagonal tile to waterfall countertop, sculpted wooden stool seats and accent cabinet hardware this kitchen blends design elements with function and style.

A primary rule of thumb in any room is: “Don’t get carried away.” Professional designs warn against trying to incorporate too many textures in small spaces. Stick with two or three distinct examples.

Using Texture At Home

Adding elements of texture to your home remodel sounds good. Now what? How do you bring texture into the overall plan? Among the common solutions are:

  • Architectural elements – crown molding, chair rails and tray ceilings are all prime examples of ways to focus attention and serve a purpose with textured features. Made popular by TV, shiplap is a prime example of adding texture to basic rooms.
  • Furnishings – wooden benches and custom-crafted chairs, satin-finished settees, custom wood or marble table tops are all great examples.
  • Décor – window treatments, wall hangings and art all offer potential to enhance textures.
  • Floor and wall treatments – hard wood, laminates and wood-look tiles come pre-stressed and textured. The use of sculpted wall tiles is another popular way to introduce surface variations. Of course, natural brick and stone tiles are excellent choices. The use of area rugs over tiled or wood floors is another way to create added depth.

Don’t confuse texture with pattern. Pattern is the visual print – the design you see. Texture is the design you feel. Together they bring your personality to life.

Texture in your living space can be subtle and restrained. For a basically white kitchen, window treatments, a uniquely-sculpted range hood, cooking utensils hanging above an island and tile applied in unique ways – subway tile in a herringbone layout – all do the job.

A large expanse of modern windows or a bay or bow window installation brings in the natural surroundings. Landscaping and features in nature provide unique textures on their own – bringing them inside to accent your room.

We Accept The Challenge

Westring Construction LLC specializes in remodeling Madison area homes and bringing the latest design elements. Whether you want to update a dated older home or expand upon your existing space no assignment is too large. Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to discuss the latest home remodel trends including using texture for great impact in your Madison WI home.

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