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This farmhouse-style kitchen features a range hood that blends perfectly with cabinetry and décor.

No matter what the goal for your new kitchen, there’s a modern range hood style to compliment it. Range hoods that blend into the background so you hardly know they’re there, or exhaust hoods that are a focal point in your kitchen renovation. There’s a wide array of sizes, shapes and materials to fit for your Madison WI remodel.

If you’re restoring one of the area’s classic older homes, the original kitchen probably didn’t come with a range hood. Adding, or upgrading is an important step. When you cook, especially if you fry food, smoke, odors and particles are released into the air. They hang around long after food preparation is complete. An efficient range hood literally clears the air. Depending upon the range hood style you choose, this vital appliance also:

  • Provides extra lighting to enhance cooking and make the stove area safer
  • Clears the air of particles and keeps the whole kitchen cleaner
  • Reduces risk of carbon monoxide building up around the stove (especially gas ranges)
  • Keep the cooking area cooler by removing hot air
  • Keep smoke detectors from sounding if there is smoke from cooking
  • Increase property values

Sorting Out Range Hoods for Your Kitchen Renovation

Your choices when picking out a range hood style used to be just size and color. Today’s marketplace offers an option for any kitchen décor. You kitchen renovation can be built around a dramatic range hood style or subtly place an efficient unit out of sight.

Here’s a selection of the kind of range hoods available:

Range Hood Style | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC
Simple and functional, this contemporary kitchen renovation project adds clean lines and unique textures to a traditional space.
  • Under cabinet range hoods – the most common types in use for years. Affordable and fit most kitchen designs. Installed beneath cabinetry above the stove they protect the woodwork. Basic styles are functional without attracting much attention. Some vent air outdoors while others recirculate it – ducted hoods are more efficient but cost more and are more difficult to install.
  • Wall-mounted range hoods – when the cooking surface is installed without cabinetry above it, a wall-mounted vent system is required. Wall mounts are available in various decorative styles to complement dozens of kitchen renovation goals. Often called a chimney, these robust units resemble a traditional chimney and are idea for country kitchen or Tuscan-styles.
  • Kitchen island range hoods – in a home with a cooking surface built into a kitchen island, a special free-hanging range hood is required. Suspended above the island this range hood style vents air through ducts in the ceiling. Available in many styles, shapes and materials to blend performance with decorating.
  • Downdraft range hoods – not really a hood at all, these installations draw air down and away from the cooking area. Smoke and hot air is vented beneath the floor. These are the least efficient designs – hot air and smoke naturally goes up, so pulling it down takes more effort. Often considered when the stove element is in a kitchen island and the homeowners doesn’t want a true hood obscure the overall view or ducts in the ceiling aren’t practical.

Investing in Range Hood Style Pays

With the kitchen the focal point of most active families the overall décor of the space is the first thing would-be buyers want to inspect. An efficient range hood keeps your house cleaner, smelling fresher and safer. The right range hood style becomes a major factor in make it a special place.

Modern range hoods are keeping up with high-tech trends, including:

  • Lighting – many different shapes and styles of lighting including the latest LED options.
  • Heat Sensors – built-in sensors that automatically turn on the fan when the air under the hood reaches a preset temperature.
  • Auto Shutoff – sensors turn off the fan when the temperature reaches the appropriate cooler level, or after a predetermined amount of time.
  • Filters – ductless range hoods feature sensitive filters to trap particles, keeping them from recirculating into the room.
  • Filter Monitors – ductless range hoods have a filter indicator light alerting you then it’s time to clean or replace filters.

Rely Upon Skill and Experience

A kitchen renovation, big or small, requires skill and experience. Westring Construction LLC has the expertise and experience to review all the options your project anywhere in Dane County. Nothing is too big or two small – we specialize in restoring older homes to their original glory while incorporating the latest technology and building techniques.

Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to plan a kitchen renovation that incorporates the range hood style that suits your Madison WI home.

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