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Updating this Craftsman-style residence helps it to reflect the welcoming, cozy existence it was designed to represent.

A small cozy home appeals to would-be homeowners in 2020. Combining decades of tradition with modern amenities a Craftsman-style home has earned its place in Madison WI history. Throughout the area you can find hundreds of these unique designs in older neighborhoods. In addition, the styling has renewed interest among custom builders.

What is a Craftsman house design? With their roots in the 1920s signature features include an inviting front porch supported by heavy pillars, a low-slung roof with a dormer or two and the use of natural materials and colors inside and out. There’s a lot of wood trim – or in a modern renovation, wood-look materials. Typical Craftsman colors include browns, greens and other earth tones.

The Craftsman’s return to popularity in the 21st century mirrors a generation’s reaction to a more industrial lifestyle and an urge to return to a simpler age. Homeowners’ appreciation of the style comes from an attempt to get away from ornate styling and return to a simpler lifestyle. If you own one of the 100-year-old examples of this style in Madison, you know that when it comes to maintenance the old materials were not simple to keep up. Thankfully, modern materials allow for renovations and upgrades to keep the look and characteristics while reducing the demands of upkeep.

Many Madison residents take pride in the city’s association with famed architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright. His world famous Prairie Style designs were heavily influenced by the early Craftsman home styles. However, he took it several steps further to create sleeker more contemporary looking versions.

A Craftsman-style Home – Worth Preserving

The interior of the traditional Craftsman home mirrors the same appreciation of natural materials as the exterior. Wood is the basic building and trim material. Décor is usually considered “understated” by today’s contemporary standards. Woodwork features custom detailing and stone accents around fireplaces adds charm. Among the floorplan details you’ll readily find reading nooks, window seats and plenty of built-in bookcases and shelving.

Craftsman-style Home | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC
Renewed interest in Craftsman styling is reflected in this newly constructed home.

Multi-pane windows are also a staple of the design. And, thanks to modern engineering and window styling you can add new windows to mimic the style so nobody knows the difference.

While designers debate the pros and cons of smaller, artistic creations like these historic homes, they agree on one thing: Craftsman homes and the lifestyle they represent should be preserved.

For decade the leading TV home remodeling show has been devoted to preserving and restoring old houses. Why go to all that trouble?

Restore A Period Home – Restore A Piece Of The Past

Experiencing the many really good things from the “good old days” is a goal for period renovations and restorations. It’s also a driving force that has so many custom home builders throughout the Midwest offering Craftsman-style building options.

As you consider your options for updating a period Craftsman-style house keep in mind:

  • You home is a piece of history – if you’re living in one of the nearly 100-year-old homes that dot Madison area neighborhoods your home has a story to tell. Returning it to its original look – with up-to-date amenities to benefit your lifestyle – revitalized your community. It honors not only an architectural style but the people who went before you.
  • You’re being environmentally responsible – restoring an older home benefits the environment in several ways. Obviously, by bringing in modern heating and cooling plus high-tech windows and insulation you use less energy. In addition no new land is required to build you a new home. In most cases renovation jobs for period homes use vintage materials whenever possible and recycle what they can. Your home becomes energy efficient, houses up-to-date amenities and preserves the historic characteristics of the original design.
  • Making an old home new adds value to the neighborhood – homes with a heritage help everyone understand the evolution of neighborhoods and communities.

Your Craftsman Home Restoration Requires Professional Attention

Older structures come with their own set of unique problems. With period designs comes period materials – lead pipes, old insulation, heat ducts, etc. The first step in making your old house new again is bringing all these details up to today’s building standards. Where do you start?

  • Building codes – focus on the important systems in the house, plumbing, heating, electricity and ventilation. These all need to be inspected and brought in line with 2020 regulations.
  • Energy-efficiency – next inspect and evaluate windows, the roof, insulation and attic ventilation These elements all play significant roles in keeping your family comfortable and your energy costs down.
  • Look ahead – the existing kitchen may be outdated but whatever you do now could be just as outdated in a few years. Don’t be swayed by popular trends. Go with what best suits your lifestyle and plan for the future. Consider: kids getting older and moving out, etc.
  • Strive for continuity – it is popular to “think outside the box” but when it comes to renovating a historic home it’s best to think of the whole box. What you do in one room impacts others.
  • Don’t overlook high-tech – sure, you want to restore your Craftsman floorplan and décor to reflect its heritage. But that doesn’t mean overlooking all the advances in technology achieved in the last century. Wood-look tile planks are resilient and better suited for many spaces than hardwood floors, for example. And there are dozens of plumbing and light fixtures using the latest material yet looking decades old.
  • Think paint – a new coat of paint or a different color opens up your design canvas to dozens of new opportunities. Before knocking down walls, consider paint or modern wall paper mimicking a bygone era.

Is A Craftsman-style Home Renovation In Your Future

The remodeling professionals at Westring Construction LLC have decades of experience remodeling period and historic homes in the Madison area. When you’re ready to sit down and discuss an historic renovation you can rely upon us to get the job done. We understand the ins and outs of working with aged, historic building and are prepared for whatever turns up – and old homes are full of surprises.

When you sign on with us you’re confident in getting the highest quality workmanship whether for one room or the whole house inside and out. Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to explore how we can work together. We’ll return your Craftsman-style home to its glory days and enhance your Madison WI neighborhood.

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