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Among top popular remodeling projects, under cabinet lighting, custom backsplashes and new cabinets represent small renovations with huge impact.

If the thought of a major remodeling effort is overwhelming, consider the lineup of small renovations that have major impacts on your lifestyle and home’s value.  Simple remodeling projects deliver huge results and can rejuvenate your Madison WI home.

Consider the “big 5” when it comes to simple updates:

  • New Paint – A fresh coat of paint, including new colors, adds flair and interest to any room. Bright colors add depth. Light colors make small spaces appear larger. New paint opens avenues to bringing in new decorating styles and accessories, too.
  • Up-dated Lighting – New light fixtures can increase the overall comfort of a room by reducing shadows on workspaces, providing even brightness and even an inviting feeling of warmth. Using dimmer switches in a simple way to change the impact of lighting. So can adding lights to ceiling fans.

TIP FROM A PRO — Speaking of ceiling fans, changing the blades (shapes, colors, textures) can have a subtle impact on a room and provide a trendy new look.

  1. New Hardware – In addition to new paint, consider changing the hardware in the room, too. New door handles, hinges, faucets and even light switch plates can bring out a new look. Keep up with the latest trends with small renovations.
  2. Molding & Trim – Crown molding, baseboards and wainscoting give a room a totally new, refined look. New trim adds detail and ties into an overall style and decorating plan.
  3. Start with the floor – One of the staples of most remodeling projects is flooring. Innovations and trends in flooring materials are on top of most people’s wish list. Everything from exotic hardwoods, custom-colored carpets and water-resistant laminates to wood-look ceramic tiles anchor even small renovations.

Small Renovations Equal Big Value

Remodeling Projects | Madison WI | Westring Construction LLC
Exotic Wood Flooring Types Part Ii Pros And Cons Express in proportions 1024 X 769 – Wood Flooring Design

Small-scale remodeling projects usually have smaller budgets, but deliver real value. Relatively simple things like new windows, siding or a stylish entry way dramatically improve curb appeal. Remodeling magazine, in its Cost vs. Value report, reveals that small renovations return about 68% of their cost while major remodeling projects return about 60%.

Expanding upon the five most common elements, consider:

  • A new coat of paint on highly-visible areas like entryways, kitchens, bathrooms and family rooms or living rooms can literally brighten your day every time you walk into a the room. While painting is often considered a do-it-yourself project, without the proper tools these seemingly small renovations can turn into a major project. Factor in paint, primer, painter’s tape, drop cloths, high-grade brushes and rollers. The cost of paint is a major variable – some brands are double the cost of others and only a professional can really explain the difference. Professional painting contractors often get discounts on their materials so consider that, too. There are two factors that weigh heavily on the DIY decision: Time and experience. Professional painters, because it’s their job, know how to find shortcuts without sacrificing quality and they have all the right tools. How valuable is your time? Just prepping a room to paint takes time from your daily routine. Painting and replacing all the décor and furniture adds hours to the project.

TIP FROM A PRO — A new paint job on your front door and shutters, if you have them, can give your home a totally new look.

  • Among the hot trends in kitchen remodeling projects is the addition of under cabinet lighting. One of the chronic complaints in the kitchen, especially in older homes, is a lack of good light on work surfaces. Small renovations that include adding custom lighting beneath cabinets not only update the look of the space, but make cooks extremely happy.

TIP FROM A PRO — Kitchen cabinet upgrades is one of the hottest elements of a kitchen remodel, large or small, and with the installation of new or renovated cabinets it’s a perfect time for custom under cabinet lights.

  • Changing hardware, even when cabinets aren’t changing, provides a fresh look – silver to gold can make a big difference. New hardware plus a new cabinet color and a dated kitchen looks brand new. Fixtures in and around sinks – especially in bathrooms – also are candidate for big impact from small renovations. Simple things like new faucets and shower heads – changing style and finish – provide an up-dated presentation.

TIP FROM A PRO— Now’s the time to add new high-efficiency fixtures that will not only bring the room into the 21st century but help to save money on your water bills.

  • When it comes to new trim, simple things go a long way. Consider crown molding in formal rooms like the living room or master bedroom. For a custom-look in family rooms and dining areas, add a chair rail – molding attached to the wall at the height of standard chair backs.

TIP FROM A PRO— Decorators suggest painting the walls above and below the rail a different color or different shade of the same color to make the additional trim stand out.

Another hot trend in trim is the addition of tile backsplashes in the kitchen. The new open architecture brings the backsplash to the forefront as a design element. Counter or stovetop to ceiling installations are more and more popular. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in dozens of shapes, sizes, colors and textures so nothing stands in the way of creativity.

Big Plans or Small – Rely on Experience

When you don’t have the time, inclination or budget to begin knocking down walls, small remodeling projects are the answer. Combine two or three of the five most trendy changes and you’ll have an immense impact on your home and lifestyle. Westring Construction LLC has the expertise and experience to review all the options for every remodeling project from home additions to a simple upgrade anywhere in Dane County and surrounding areas including Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, McFarland, Cottage Grove and Stoughton.

Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us  to get started on your remodeling projects, including small renovations with big impact in Madison WI.

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