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Your plan need not be elaborate – give your kitchen planner an idea of what there is to work with and what your kitchen design ideas include.

Before you move ahead with a remodeling project in Madison WI, a formal plan sharing your kitchen design ideas is the first step. Whether you’re remodeling or adding on, your professional kitchen planner needs to know what you like, what you want and what you think you need. Putting together a written “wish list” and an outline of your kitchen design ideas streamlines the process. Your professional remodeling contractor appreciates your advanced efforts and your insights, shared with the kitchen planner in the early going can save money, time and frustration. A French poet is credited with saying: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Kitchen Design Ideas from A to Z

As you develop your wish list, it can be helpful to begin the process alphabetically, considering your wants and needs one at a time.

Begin with appliances. Do you need new, different appliances? Will space be required to accommodate your changes? New gas lines? Additional electrical outlets?

Do you want to add built-in units – cooktops, wall ovens or a “garage” to hide small appliances?

Cabinets and countertops will be a big section of the list – traditionally, these are the most important elements in a kitchen remodel. What can you keep? What do you want to replace? Share these with your kitchen planner. Your list of wants will certainly include thoughts on countertop materials, styles and applications. The more details you bring to the first meeting, the better.

Other considerations in alphabetical order can be drawers, electronics – do you want a charging station for devices, a computer work area, a TV or a sound system.

Flooring offers a variety of options. Materials should be evaluated for both looks and utility – a “cool” floor that’s a pain to keep clean isn’t a wise choice.

Additional kitchen features that may enter into your plan include hardware, islands, lighting, gathering areas like nooks, storage like a new pantry, ventilation and the often overlooked kitchen sink.

Guide Your Kitchen Planner

Choose your sink carefully. The old concept of the basic “kitchen sink,” has been replaced by sinks that are as much design elements as they are a work space. Do you want one of the new, stylish sinks or can the one you have work within your kitchen design ideas?  TIP: If you’re adding a new sink, consider the waste disposal system – and how it will fit with your existing plumbing and sewer system.

The more you bring to the first planning meeting, the smoother the process will be. You may have a conversation like this:

“Here’s what we want to do and here are some things we want in the new kitchen…”

Kitchen design pro:  “Sure, we can do that, but what if…”

Between your advanced planning the designer’s professional eye, you’ll come up with a project everyone will be proud of.

Kitchen Design Ideas Reflect Solutions

In addition to your wish list, compile a list of problems you want to solve with your kitchen project – lack of storage, inefficient use of space, etc. Include a list of the elements in the room you really like, too.

In today’s media-centric world there are dozens of places to look for ideas and illustrations of what you like and what you want. Prints from websites or pages from magazines are excellent visuals to share with your design pro. And, a diagram of the existing space – hand-drawn is fine – offers insights into what the “canvas” is that they’ll be working with.

Ask Questions!

Nobody likes surprises, so come to the first meeting with a list of questions to ask your contractor. Even if you’ve done it before, there are elements of a remodeling project that need to be spelled out – estimated timeline beginning with “when can you get started?” The planning process is a two-way communication. The better you and your designer work together the better the results.

Compiling your wish list into a logical series of kitchen design ideas to share with a professional kitchen planner is time well-spent and the efforts will pay dividends.

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