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A Premier Residential Remodeling Contractor in Madison WI

Westring Construction is among the leading residential remodeling contractors because of the wide array of experiences we have and the knowledge we bring to each remodeling challenge.

We pride ourselves on being problem solvers and expert at working within the style of the structure on which we are working. Many remodeling contractors are limited in their approach. They specialize in narrow service areas such as only bathrooms, or basements and decks and so on.

Most of these remodeling contractors are capable, but are ill-equipped for remodeling projects requiring home additions, expanding floor plans and moving walls. Westring Construction excels at problem solving and successfully planning and executing the toughest challenges.

Remodeling with Respect
in Madison WI

We are committed to, and skilled at, protecting the aesthetic integrity of a structure. We do not mismatch styles and building materials as so many remodeling contractors have in Madison WI.

We approach each project with a craftsman’s eye to be sure the look and feel of an older, classic home maintains its stature and dignity. We feel, as professional remodeling contractors, it is our responsibility to assist homeowners in the transformations they want to make with their homes while protecting the qualities they cherish.

Open Communication During the Remodeling Project

Unlike many remodeling contractors, we plan and communicate daily. This open line of communication is consistent whether it is needed for six days or six months. Communication is important to us because we know how disruptive the remodeling process can be. Many remodeling contractors do not communicate well, often making a challenging situation more difficult.

Because we embrace the design-build process, we work hard with homeowners to make sure the original design includes all of the elements of value. This discipline creates more accurate budgets, better timelines and helps avoid disruptions that slow the remodeling process down.

Open and accurate communication is what you should expect from remodeling contractors. We expect it from ourselves and promise your remodeling project will receive all of the attention to detail it deserves.

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities of your remodeling project in Madison WI.