The Westring Construction Remodeling Process

We are a process oriented company. Remodeling and home additions are all the same…and all different. The one thing keeping every project on course and manageable is the Process we have created and refined.

Our Process allows us to effectively plan and manage every project, no matter what unique circumstances occur during the course of the project. As part of the remodeling process, we know surprises can, and often do, occur. And, the older the structure, the more likely there are surprises behind the walls we have to accommodate. Our experiences have helped us develop and refine the processes we use with every remodeling or home addition project.

Design and Build Specialists

The design and build process we use allows for greater creativity, higher quality construction outcomes and more predictability during remodeling projects. Without this process, unplanned situations can create unexpected costs and inferior outcomes.

We also have worked on competitive bid projects with great success. Our preference is for the design and build process because of consistently superior results. When operating in a competitive bid environment, we have to assume all of the pre-construction planning was done correctly and there are no surprises in the project. Unfortunately, when we are not involved from the beginning of the remodeling project, we can’t be sure what was, or was not, included in the bid description.



Remodeling & Home Additions
Process Milestones Include:
  • Initial Office Meeting
  • Site Visit
  • Decision Point
  • Pre-Construction (including
    energy conservation services)
  • Design Phase
    • Feasibility Study
    • Preliminary Evaluation
    • Preliminary Schedule
    • Preliminary Estimate
    • Construction Drawings
  • Remodeling / Construction Phase
    • Construction Contract
    • Pre-Construction Conference
    • Construction
    • Weekly Meetings
    • Substantial Completion Walkthrough
    • Project Completion
  • Pre Drywall
  • Substantial Completion
  • Real Completion

Download a detailed review of our remodeling process (click image)