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Look for function, style and compatibility when selecting your kitchen cabinets.

Many things in your home are subject to the whims of fads and fashions, but your choice of kitchen cabinets sets the tone for your kitchen remodeling plan and anchors the busiest room in your house.

Trends in kitchen cabinets haven’t seen the drastic changes that many other aspects of a kitchen layout have experienced in recent years. That’s a good thing. Kitchen cabinets can project a more timeless, lasting quality to a room where the daily pace can be hectic. That’s not to say that in Madison WI there haven’t been exciting changes and updates.

Function Dictates Kitchen Cabinets

The key to choosing the right kitchen cabinets is what your kitchen remodeling project is designed to achieve. How will the space be used? A gourmet cook who creates elaborate meals may require different cabinets than a busy family using the kitchen as a gathering space.

REMEMBER: When embarking upon a kitchen remodeling project two things are almost always near the top of the wish list – more counter space and more storage.

The ultimate use for the new kitchen dictates designs and when considering new kitchen cabinets, don’t forget to look down – what’s beneath the countertops may be more important than what hangs above.

Kitchen Remodeling – Good, Better, Best?

Kitchen Cabinets | Kitchen Remodeling | Madison WI
More than storage, your cabinets set up work areas and create a distinct feel for your kitchen.

Your kitchen remodeling project is most likely going to start with a look at the existing cabinets and what the alternatives are. Evaluate your existing cabinets for their quality, overall style and how they fit into the floor plan you envision.

Consider the best kitchen remodeling options – all-new kitchen cabinets or refitting existing kitchen cabinets? You have choices to make and each has a price tag. You can have all new kitchen cabinets. You can select from unique, custom designs created just for your kitchen remodeling plan; semi-custom styles that use existing styles than can be modified to fit your design; or stock cabinets that are available in an assortment of materials and styles. Each comes with costs for labor and materials – it may not cost your contractor more to install a high-end cabinet, but it will cost you more to buy it (and it might delay the finish of your project if you wait for custom work).

Give Tired Kitchen Cabinets A New Look

If you like the overall layout of your kitchen but are tired of the look, you can bring existing kitchen cabinets back to life by refitting them with new doors, new hardware and even new “skins” to provide a custom appeal. You don’t need to rip out existing kitchen cabinets and start over. New colors, door styles and hardware combined with up-graded countertops can give your kitchen a sparkling new personality without the expense of demolition or the added cost – in time and money – of custom installations.

What’s trendy in kitchen remodeling?

If you’re looking to bring your kitchen into the 21st Century according to the trends predicted to kick off 2017, consider these highlights:

  • Blend function and design. You should never have to sacrifice one for the other, especially with kitchen cabinets created to not only look beautiful, but accommodate your needs for better storage, organization and access.
  • Personalized kitchen cabinets in styles, colors and functions can match your home design and style. Even Madison WI homeowners who can afford them are passing over custom cabinets for more affordable, yet design-friendly, semi-custom cabinets.
  • No “cookie-cutter” kitchen cabinets. Ask a kitchen expert at Westring Construction for hot designs and they will almost certainly say that personalization and tailored designs are hot and will be around for a long time.
  • Two key trends for kitchen cabinets are clean lines and subtle designs. Cabinet door styles have become simpler. Clean lines and subtle designs make sense for anyone looking to upgrade kitchen cabinets while considering easy maintenance.
  • Along with the clean lines, white kitchen cabinets are popular, with gray and other neutral colors showing up more often – kitchen industry leaders say “gray is the new white.”
  • Homeowners opt for refined neutral colors and earthy tones that work well with a variety of kitchen remodeling elements. These colors provide a sense of warmth and design freedom to add bold colors elsewhere, providing a seamless blend throughout the house.
  • In our “always connected” world, many homeowners are adding a tech perspective to their kitchen cabinets including built-in charging stations, hands-free functionality and tablet holders.

The days when the kitchen was just a place to cook are gone. It’s the nerve center of most homes and fitting appliances and kitchen cabinets seamlessly into a modern lifestyle is the challenge of a kitchen remodeling plan.

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