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Many aspects of your kitchen are subject to the whims of fads and fashions. Fortunately, kitchen cabinet trends are more stable than most. No matter what you want for your Madison WI home, there’s a cabinet style to fit your personal taste. Trends in countertops, tile selections and overall floor plans come and go – look the rise and decline of the “farmhouse kitchen” in recent years. Fortunately, kitchen cabinet selections are a steadying influence.

Consider these common threads in kitchen design:

  • Personalized cabinets – no matter the hot design and layout trends, homeowners know that can find cabinet styles, colors and technology that fit their personal lifestyle. Every homeowner can find just the right cabinets to complete a dream kitchen layout.
  • Keep it clean, simple – two of the time-tested trends are combining clean lines with subtle design elements. Avoiding extremes gives cabinetry longer life spans. They also open the space to a wider palette of décor ideas.
  • Functional installations – a careful blend of form and fashion is vital to an efficient kitchen. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, never sacrifice one or the other. You can find cabinets that fit your style the look good and provide excellent storage, organization and access.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends – What’s The Latest

Two popular movements in kitchen floor plan design are somewhat at odds with each other. There’s a trend toward smaller living spaces which in turn means a return to smaller kitchens. That is far different from the wide open floor plan that’s employed nearly everywhere. Thankfully, there are cabinet choices ideal for each situation. Again, your personality and daily lifestyle dictates what’s best for you.

Among the changes on the horizon are ever-increasing demands for more kitchen storage and the implementation of advancing technology. Maximizing storage is always a priority. The latest advances include:

  • Horizontal designs – while square and vertical rectangles are the most common cabinet installations, there’s a movement toward wider, horizontal installations. Wider cabinets make access easier and provide a cleaner look in a kitchen. A drawback is they don’t stack as well and the result may be less overall storage space. They do provide a refined, European look. Some feature pullout shelves and built-in organizers for pots and pans. Wider, deeper drawers with inserts are a part of the mix, too.
  • High-tech cabinetry – no, kitchen cabinets aren’t controlled by your smart phone, but many are ready to accommodate it. There are cabinets with built-in charging stations for phones, tablets and other devices. Some have tablet holders for when you’re consulting a video chef on a recipe or watching the big game.

Bring Color Into The Kitchen Design

Kitchen Cabinet Trends | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC
Express yourself with modern design including units wider that traditional cabinets, unique combinations of shade and texture – even in a monochrome setting – and glass-front cabinetry.

For several years interior designers pointed out that white was THE color for kitchen cabinets. And, white is still a very popular choice. But, more colors are finding their way into remodeling plans with exciting results.

While designers are still on the conservative side – saying “gray is the new white” – bolder more expressive color combinations are replacing neutral shades. So, if you want to make a statement with brighter, more expressive walls and cabinets, go for it.

Showing up at the building industry events to kick off 2020 are a vast spectrum of colors. Perhaps one of these fits your kitchen remodel plans:

  • Light blue-green – blue has been a popular choice for years and now it’s expanded varieties to include refreshing “beachy” tints.
  • Dusty mauve and turquoise – if you’re looking for a southwestern flare combine the warmth of mauve with the cool turquoise.
  • Purple-blue – a bold combination choice that works well with many accessory colors.
  • Peach – more subtle than some a neutral tone it works well with many countertops and floor treatments.
  • Coral – add a splash of color to liven up the kitchen work area.
  • Mint – green is getting more and more exposure for kitchens and this hue works well with traditional designs.
  • Dollar Bill green – a more dramatic shade that gives a rich appearance when combined with decorative hardware.

The bottom line when it comes to kitchen colors is this: anything goes, it’s your house, your choice.

Never expected to go out of style the monochromatic black and white kitchen décor is a standard.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends – Choose Function First

It’s true anything goes when it comes to choosing your kitchen cabinet colors. On the other hand, making sure your kitchen space “works” has to be the top priority for layout and physical design. Designing for an aging family include pullout or dropdown shelves, for example. Consult with every member of the family as you work out a plan. If no one that uses the space is more than 6 feet tall, don’t build in cabinets you must be a foot taller to reach into. While color is the design feature that grabs your attention and makes the first impression, its function that provides lasting value.

When it comes to working with kitchen design alternatives and creative expression, Westring Construction LLC has done it all. Whether remodeling a single room, opening up a floor or remaking an entire home our experience helps you take all the variables out of the picture. We provide expert workmanship. But above all, we provide peace of mind – your dream becomes reality. Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to explore how we can incorporate the latest kitchen cabinet trends into a remodeling project for your Madison WI home.

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