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If your home doesn’t have brick walls you can recreate the feel with custom tile work.

Bold styling, natural materials and textures give an industrial-look kitchen a strong presence and plenty of character. Whether your home renovation includes a food preparation area fit for a professional or a room making the most of an older building’s style and character you have popular options.

The concept of a kitchen with an industrial look doesn’t mean recreating an institutional space. It relies more on rugged, robust materials and can be adapted to most any space. An industrial kitchen mixes wood, metal and glass while introducing textures and colors to create a more unpolished, hard-working look.

Industrial-look Kitchens Use Strong Visuals

To create a clean, uncluttered look industrial styles draw attention to bold details, including:

Industrial-Look Kitchen-Madison WI-Westring Construction
A Blend of natural, rugged elements like metal, wood and slate-look tiles give this kitchen an industrial, professional look.
  • Unique, visible handles and knobs
  • Stand-alone stove vent hoods that create a presence
  • Exposed basic wall materials – brick, stone, wood
  • Heavy-duty cabinets and shelving – including exposed metal shelf supports, etc.
  • Open racks showcasing cooking gear
  • Vintage décor that includes things like large clocks, industrial-style light fixtures and posters
  • Vintage-look doors and window treatments

The industrial look in today’s home renovation has its roots in hard-working industrial enterprises of the past. Whether inspired by a factory, mill or warehouse, basic building elements like bricks, concrete and metal are the staples of the design. Aged and worn materials are preferred over shining, polished and bright. Function dictates selection – with stainless steel and butcher’s block style countertops stepping up ahead of more stylish choices.

Home Renovation Motivated By Efficiency

Another factor in the popularity of industrial-look kitchen design is the idea of repurposing and reclaiming materials. Using reclaimed wood for wall treatments and commercial-style shelving for storage appeals to homeowners’ thoughts of being less wasteful while never sacrificing efficiency.

Professional kitchens featured on television cooking shows have inspired interest in designing with more metal in a kitchen remodeling project. Restaurant-like kitchen styling appeals to homeowners who love to cook.

Stainless steel is the metal of choice for counters, kitchen islands and work spaces and is being incorporated into everything from contemporary new home construction to home renovations in 19th century farm houses.

TIPS FROM A PRO – there’s a balance required to make an industrial-look kitchen work. Find a good ratio between metal and warmer elements like wood – maybe 40% metal and 60% other elements. You want to create an inviting space so consider wood cabinets, hardwood flooring and exposed beams.

Kitchen Remodel-Madison WI-Westring Construction
Nothing says “industrial-look” like a custom plumbing fixture like this one.

When a home doesn’t fit the industrial style completely, professional designers agree that it doesn’t take much to give a kitchen an industrial feel that works as a transition into warmer living areas. Adding rugged-looking cabinetry and dark countertops – quartz and granite are options as part of a transitional mode – with a brick backsplash for example. Plumbing fixtures that reflect old-time styling rather than gleaming modern shapes can complete the mix.

Accessories and Accents Finish the Project

A wide range of products fall into the category of accessories contributing to a kitchen’s industrial

look. Everything from range hoods to plumbing fixtures, sinks, storage options and basic building materials can be used to emphasize the room’s character. A truly eclectic mix of decorating choices include:

  • Graphically striking posters, signs and art work
  • Anything with metal wheels and/or gears
  • Antique kitchen utensils of metal or wood
  • Antique glassware
  • Replacement windows mimicking retro styles
  • Repurposed furnishing – old lockers become a pantry cabinet, workbenches become kitchen island, factory lighting illuminates the work area
  • Metal stools replace conventional chairs

Industrial-look kitchen plans can take on many forms. A home renovation provides a blank canvas for a designer to apply a mixture of wood, metal and additional materials – from vintage to brand new.

Rely Upon Skill and Experience

A home remodel, big or small, requires skill and experience. Westring Construction LLC has the expertise and experience to review all the options for a home project anywhere in Dane County. Nothing is too big or two small – we specialize in restoring older homes to their original glory while incorporating the latest technology and building techniques.

Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to get started on a home renovation that incorporates a unique industrial-look kitchen into your Madison WI home.

NKBA Kitchen & Bathroom Planning Guidelines Handbook 

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