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With a remodel project in Madison WI, you can choose two of these three options. But never all three together.

When planning a remodel of any type, a steady-as-you-go process will get the best results for your home, your budget and sanity. Remodeling projects nearly always have many moving parts including contractor schedules, material deliveries, surprises behind the walls and even the homeowner’s schedule or needs.

By definition, a remodel is organized chaos. As a result, getting something done “NOW” can be a recipe for disaster.

Let’s face it, you ARE tearing apart (or open) a major part of your home. The place you live.

Remodel Rules – Select Two Of Three

There are three simple rules appropriate for all remodel and home improvement projects. That is the good news. The bad news is you can only apply two of them at the same time. They are –

  • You want a project done QUICKLY
  • You want a LOWER PRICE
  • You want a HIGH QUALITY project

At first glance, the rules almost seem too simple. But as you consider the options, the sheer logic of the combinations become obvious.

Think about a how the combinations of these deliverables lay out –

  • Quickly + High Quality will = HIGHER PRICE not LOWER PRICE
  • Quickly + Lower Price = Likely LOWER QUALITY not HIGHER QUALITY
  • High Quality + Lower Price = LONGER PROJECT TIME not QUICKLY

Remodel Logistics Is Remodeling Reality

Assuming you have a capable professional remodeler, your project is largely influenced by logistics.

The majority of tasks, from the initial planning and demolition to the final punch list, require multiple tradesmen, processes and material deliveries. And, that is not including surprises uncovered once you get behind the walls, under the flooring or above the ceiling. Old water leaks, pests, poor wiring and failing materials all impact the planning, scheduling and ultimate cost of a project.

While maintaining the initial budget is an important goal for most homeowners, getting the final result intended is also of primary importance. Below are some things to avoid with your Madison WI remodel project.

Noteworthy Remodel Regrets in Madison WI

For the best results, having a comprehensive plan, including a timeline and a reasonable budget are extremely important. In most projects, though not all, decisions on materials can vary depending on circumstances. Sometimes savings can be found in the materials and fixture areas. But, deviating from your plans or too much adjusting of a timeline can introduce multiple problems.

Below are a few of the issues capable of starting a chain reaction headache in your remodel project.

  1. Remodeling Rush – the biggest regret homeowners have noted most often is hurrying the process. Forgetting important details or not including certain materials discovered at the end of the process lead to less satisfaction. Your dream project can be turned into a ho-hum remodel. Fight the urge to make your decisions too quickly.
  2. Bad Budget Basics – Poor budgeting will likely cover only a portion of what you want. Your remodeling contractor will create a realistic budget to complete a job correctly. Having a set budget developed with a remodeling contractor (supported by a detailed agreement) is needed to control costs.
  3. Contractor Crashes – Be sure your remodeling contractor is properly insured. Fight the urge to make price the only thing on which you make a decision. Reputation, character, and capability are all needed to make a remodel project go smoothly in Madison WI. Choose a properly insured local remodeling contractor to help ensure better project management and better communication from start to finish.
  4. Vandalized Vision – Not getting a detailed plan and drawing from your remodeling contractor prior to paying a deposit will lead to headaches. A major challenge with remodeling is having clarity and understanding of the final vision. Without a clear picture, miscommunication is probable because of all of the moving parts within a home remodel. In fact, experience tells us homeowners often wander off track because they have not clearly defined their own goals. A complete drawing, defined plan and specified scope of the remodel project protects both the homeowner and the remodeling contractor.
  5. Bargain Busts – Choosing the lowest bid remodeling contractor may lead to lower quality work. When business gets slow, some home remodeling contractors may discount their pricing to homeowners. Bids seeming too good to be true often are. Unfortunately, contractors go out of business every day and a common cause is poor finances. Those low bidding contractors often do it to create a cash flow to help stay afloat. If so, the contractor may not be there to complete your project.
  6. Detail Trap – The old saying ‘the devil is in the details’ applies to all remodel projects in Madison WI. Lighting, ventilation, where to put the trash can and other seemingly small things can lead to disaster if not planned up front. Make sure your initial design includes as much detail as possible. Especially as they relate to floorplan and mechanicals such as electric, plumbing and ventilation.
  7. Surprise, Surprise – Pests and water damage can be big surprises, adding complexity and cost to your remodel projects. More than 10% of all remodel projects in the United States have hidden water damage. Perform as much due diligence as possible before starting your remodel project in Madison WI to eliminate costly surprises.
  8. Can We Talk? – Homeowners often do a poor job in managing their own restricted access areas. They forget to plan for little or no use in an area and ask the contractor to assist them, such as not shutting down a bathroom for a week as planned. Doing so can affect multiple sub-contractors and the overall schedule. The adage ‘plan your work and work your plan’ applies – stick to the production calendar whenever possible and control costs.
  9. Fixtures And Furniture – Not properly preparing and protecting furniture from harm during the remodeling process can be costly. Dripping paint, damaged furniture and dust during a remodel often happen. While not done on purpose, poor plans for protection can lead to damage. If your remodel does not include new furniture, have a protection plan in place.

For assistance in getting your remodel planned correctly, contact Westring Construction, located in Madison WI. We are experts at home additions and remodeling projects of all sizes. We also excel at historic restorations. We serve all of Dane County and surrounding areas including Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, McFarland, Cottage Grove and Stoughton. We respect architecture and strive to match the feel and style of the structures on which we work.

Call us at 608-441-5435 or email us if you would like us to review your remodel project Madison WI.

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