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The more detailed and complex the project, the more time it takes … but this kitchen proves it’s worth it!

How long does a home renovation take? The immediate, honest answers are:

  • “That depends…” Installing hardwood floors and painting walls takes far less time than creating an open concept within a period home.
  • “Longer than you think…” TV shows and how-to videos make even elaborate projects look easier and quicker than they are. From planning to finishing takes time to insure a great result. Dozens of factors come into play from how soon your municipality issues permits to how long it takes to get custom-ordered materials.

Consider each step in the overall process. They apply whether you’re remaking a room, a floor or the whole house. The difference depends upon the scope of your project – the more to do the longer it takes. Understand, once you’ve decided to go ahead your time commitment ranges from about 6 months to a year. That’s a commitment you don’t want to underestimate.

Outline The Home Renovation Process

The process starts informally. Over time you dream of new, more attractive or more efficient space. You begin to collect ideas clipped from magazines or marked a “favorites” from the Internet. When you bookmark the first idea, the process has begun. There are five stages:

  • Expand your dream – he you collect product and material information to go with your dreams of a new space. This stage lasts from a few weeks to months or even years. It begins informally with a series of “what if,” questions until a formal plan takes shape.
  • Formal Planning – with your notes, sketches and clipping in hand you meet with a remodeling professional. Together you create a blueprint of what you want, need and can afford. Depending upon the scope of your plan this step can take anywhere from a month to 3-4 months.
  • Final Decisions – the details and complexities of your project drive this stage. Working drawings are completed and approved and permits drawn. Here’s where you “go shopping” for new cabinetry, floor coverings, window treatments and fixtures. You make all the critical decisions on what goes where, what color and what size for everything. Depending on custom creations and the availability of the products you want, this stage can easily take a couple of months. This is one of the most frustrating time periods – waiting for delivery of permits and products.

When You Really See A Transformation

Home Remodel | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC
Bringing an “open concept” to and older home renovation requires major changes. Every step takes time.

During the planning stages your home renovation moves slowly. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes but your house is still untouched. That changes quickly. You’ll have a bevy of tradesmen, carpenters and deliver folks on your doorstep all day every day. The hectic final steps include:

  • Building – the construction phase where the old comes out and the new goes in. This is the most exciting phase where real progress finally appears. Skilled craftsmen approach this phase carefully, knowing the old adage – haste makes waste – is true. It’s is also costly. Delays and unforeseen changes are inevitable. Even so, this phase is usually takes 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Final Touches – the trim and decorator features go in. Painters do their work. The home renovation is complete. Depending upon the size of the space and extent of the changes, this step should take anywhere from a few weeks to more than a month.

Your Home Renovation Ideas Are Valuable

As part of your research, create a folder of all your ideas and examples. From them, create a personal wish list – incorporate the wishes of the whole family. Detail the “must have” features as well as the features that “would be nice to have.”

Once you’ve moved beyond the “I need more space” or “I hate my kitchen” the ideas in your folder are invaluable aids to your remodeling contractor and designer. From your wish list designers create detailed plans supplemented by accurate budget projections.

After taking the big step and deciding you’re committing to a home renovation project, put your thoughts on paper. Sketch a floor plan of your dream space. Do you want to redo what you have or knock out walls and create something fresh? Make as many drawing as you want. Explore different ideas. Don’t worry about whether or not your ideas are feasible or not. Share them with professionals with experience to sort out what they can and cannot do – and why. They know of shortcuts and advantages you’ve never thought of.

The more advanced planning you do on your own, the less time it takes. And, making changes after a project begins is costly – in time and money.

Home Renovation – Reinventing Your Space

With all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed your home is open to the public – or seems that way. Daily traffic and neighborhood parking are facts of life. Expect the unexpected, too, including complications like:

  • Uneven flooring – the older your home the more likely you’ll find subflooring that’s settled or shifted. Removing and replacing Subflooring is an option.
  • Ceilings require modifications – existing ceilings may not accommodate new cabinetry in the kitchen or light fixtures, etc.
  • Secrets behind walls – existing walls house HVAC ducts and wiring. Even if the wall isn’t coming down moving, upgrading or replacing these mechanicals is a possibility.

After the electricians and plumbers do their thing the tile and flooring professionals take over. Next comes cabinets, built-ins and counters. The new space takes on the shape of your dream layout. The professional painters step in before light fixtures, electronics and appliances go in.

During the final take time to review all the warranties and guarantees on the products you’ve selected. A high-quality remodeling contractor like Westring Construction LLC provides backup well beyond anything a manufacturer supplies. Professionals take pride in their craftsmanship and warranty their work.

Appreciate A Home Renovation For Its Value

What’s the bottom line on the “how long will it take” question? There are too many variables in even a relatively simple remodeling plan to provide an easy answer. The steps within a home makeover remain constant. An experienced remodeling contractor evaluates each step, relating it to your specific needs. From there a workable timeline takes shape.

The best advice from any designer or contractor is simple: Be prepared. A craftsman’s excellence doesn’t come quickly. Doing the job right is better than doing it fast. Be prepared for a disruption in your daily life for an extended period. In the end, it will be worth it!

Westring Construction LLC has the expertise and experience to take the most complex project from planning through final finishing anywhere in Dane County. It specializes in giving new life classic period homes. Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to discuss the latest remodeling trends and build a timeline for your home renovation in your Madison WI.

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