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Planning ahead includes taking into account special needs as you age.

As our population ages more and more families plan a home renovation project to redo their “empty nest.” The Madison WI area features dozens of attractive, mature neighborhoods. They are home to many life-long residents. A common suggestion is “downsize” when a family lifestyle changes. An option growing faster all the time is to “right size.” People take the homes they love and remake them to accommodate a new daily routine. They make the most of the space they are comfortable in.

When the time comes there are plenty of questions on what to do – move, remodel or expand? And, of course, there is no right answer. One size does not fit all.

Begin the process with a wish list. What do you want? What do you need? Grab ideas from TV, video, magazines and books. Now that young children are no longer a daily concern, your lifestyle choices can expand. Or at least change.

Take a close look around you. If money and time were no object, what would you do with the space you have? Then, figure out a way to get it done!

Consider The Home Renovation Possibilities

Home Remodel | Madison WI | Westring Construction
Create a book nook – bring out the collectables and make your new-found space your own.

Have you always wanted a craft room for special projects? Or maybe a real, full-size home office? There are many options – you’re limited by your imagination. Begin with big ideas and work down to the details.

  • Think “grown up” – after years of “kid-friendly” decorating it’s time to bring out the grown up décor and furnishing. Reimagine your space to include an all-new open kitchen, a spacious room for entertaining and dining. Modern kitchens for young families serve as the hub of activity and “fast food,” consider remodeling your kitchen to accommodate dinner parties and fine dining.
  • Bigger space for bigger people – as your extended family grows you may want more space to entertain kids, their friends and their families. Expanded family rooms and game rooms are an ideal option. Opening up spaces and adding new windows enliven the environment.
  • Get personal – now’s the time to bring out your hobbies and crafts. A kid’s bedroom is an ideal conversion to accommodate sewing and crafts. Have you always wanted a quiet space to enjoy books or music? There was a time when blueprints had rooms labeled as “library, music room or study.” Now you have the opportunity to recreate them.
  • Think business – millennials are not the only ones taking advantage of popular work-from-home opportunities. Many seasoned businesspeople are making use of their experience as consultants and mentors headquartered in a home office, too.
  • Get outdoors – allowing your indoor decorating style to blend with outdoor living areas allows you to make the most of the southern Wisconsin climate. Low-maintenance patios, decks and outdoor structures provide excellent places to relax and entertain.

Plan For Long-term Empty Nest Living

The concept of “aging in place” – meaning you stay in the home your love and are comfortable in for as long as physically possible – is gaining momentum. Professional contractors like Westring Construction LLC specialize in bringing the concept to life. Some of the elements within the process are relatively easy while other require home renovation expertise.

Bedroom Maker Over | Madison WI | Westring Construction
A bedroom is an easy conversion to a home office.

Projects to consider include:

  • Senior-friendly bathrooms – wide doorways and easy access to facilities. Consider removing traditional tubs and replacing them with walk-in bath tubs and walk-in showers. Hand rails provide an extra measure of safety. Consider adding a bathroom to the ground floor if there isn’t already one there. A vanity with a lower section provides easier access to mirrors for applying makeup. Pay attention to non-slip surfaces – floors throughout the room and in the shower.
  • Improve access all around – when possible, widen doorways to accommodate a wheel chair. Set 32 inches as a minimum width. Change door handles from traditional knobs to lever-action.
  • Kitchen accommodations – a section of counter low enough to be reach from a chair is important. That is also true for the kitchen sink – today’s farm kitchen styles easily fill this need. Cupboards with roll-out shelves for easy access pots and pans are also valued accessories.
  • Let there be light – a dark house is uninviting and it can be dangerous to older folks with failing eyesight. Bring in as much natural light as possible with new windows – bow windows and skylights are popular options. Add lighting in hallways, closets and stairwells. Good lighting is one of the best defenses against falling – and falls are the biggest threat to older adults.

Tap Home Renovation Professionals For Ideas

As we get older everyone insists that we should “get out and get some exercise.” Now that you’re in an empty nest a part of your home renovation can include turning a child’s bedroom into a personal fitness center. A home gym goes a long way to helping you keep fit. Add appropriate devices – and a big-screen TV – and you’re set. Depending upon where the home workout space is you can added a shower nearby, too.

Westring Construction LLC specializes in giving new life to classic homes. It has the expertise to take on the most complex project from planning through final finishing. Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to discuss energizing your empty nest with a timely home renovation in Madison WI or anywhere in Dane Country.

Remodeling The Empty Nest 

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