Historic Restoration and Renovations in Madison WI

Historic restoration is as much as a commitment to the spirit of the structures being restored as it is to the actual physical renovations. Historic restoration seeks to preserve, conserve and protect buildings, objects, landscapes and any other significant artifacts. Westring Construction takes much pride in restoring buildings to original or near original form in the Madison WI area.

Historic Restoration Coupled with Modern Day Renovations

Common variations of a historical restoration are renovations in which the original feel and function of a building is maintained and protected, however, its utility for the present day residents is increased.

It is exciting to enhance the quality of life within the structure, matching the demands of contemporary living while at the same time perpetuating the dignity and the presence of the original structure.

Featured House Restoration

The owners of an 1861 farmhouse wanted an 900 square foot addition to their home. However, the owners wanted the addition to match the style of the existing farmhouse. The completed project is shown in the large. Additional before and after photos are below.

Reclaimed materials were used extensively. Brick was from a house of that same era that was torn down, and was a perfect match to the existing brick. The concrete foundation was covered with a stone veneer to match the farmhouse. Reclaimed hardwoods and doors were used when possible.

Left: Farmhouse with original addition.
Far right: Original addition removed.
Below: Interior of new living room featuring new fireplace. Reclaimed hardwoods were used when possible.
Below right: Interior of new addition. Brickwork is the corner of original farmhouse. Note arches above the opening that were over the window and door in the photo directly above it.

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