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Kitchen designs focusing on function will be the most successful in 2017

Trends in kitchen designs and kitchen updates are spurred by a quest for more functional space, according to building industry leaders. One of these leaders in high-end appliances and kitchen designs headquartered in Madison WI recently completed its 11th annual kitchen designs poll and found that three out of four designers create projects more for function than form, providing aesthetically pleasing design that fits into clients’ living and cooking styles rather than designing a “show kitchen.”

What adds to function in a kitchen update?

Kitchen updates that add function include kitchen islands, pantries, additional storage – especially using often overlooked space – enlarged work areas and the introduction of better task lighting.

Kitchen designs that make the best use of the existing footprint are popular because they can reduce cost. The most cost-effective kitchen update uses the existing space to the utmost while adding unique touches – new, unique cabinets to house odd-shaped utensils in spaces where nothing was before, or hidden storage, carousels in corners and pull-out cupboard shelves make use of often overlooked space in new kitchen designs.

Kitchens continue to serve as the focal point for household activities and open design concepts emphasize the kitchen as a gathering place. Today’s family has moved from the dining room back to the kitchen for its fast-paced meals. The less formal approach to dining has made a kitchen island and peninsula even more popular. In the recent poll, 82% of the design pros said an island is a “must have” in kitchen designs. These build-in kitchen updates not only provide excellent spots for casual dining, they’re ideal for doing homework or preparing special treats. It seems that homeowners can never get enough counter space in their kitchen designs.

Kitchen designs focus on tools

When you step into a kitchen, the tone is set by the cabinets. You know immediately if you’re in a contemporary room for a serious cook or maybe a traditional country kitchen. In your kitchen designs there are cabinets to fit every taste and budget – with an abundance of styles, hardware and finishes to choose from.

Worth Noting:  The latest surveys report white is still the most popular base color for kitchens, but more and more neutrals and accent colors are coming into play, including gray, blue and even black. Your imagination is the limit in a kitchen update.

Appliances have moved beyond the basic stove and refrigerator to become both tool and design feature. Refrigerators come with multiple doors – even doors within doors – and handy accessories like water dispensers, ice-makers and even a coffee-maker. For cooking, convection ovens and induction stovetops are in demand. In Madison WI, range hoods are among the most asked for additions as they become important elements in kitchen designs, especially where larger, high-capacity stovetops are a part of the kitchen update.

Don’t blow your kitchen update budget

Look at the Internet, check out style magazines and see all the dozens of kitchen designs you can choose from. As with any remodeling project, the professionals at Westring Construction suggest you come to the project with a detailed “wish list.” The more detail you can provide, the better you can take advantage of what’s new, what’s hot and what’s a bargain.

A great example is the use of granite countertops. Once the ultimate upgrade, granite has become the standard and kitchen designs are calling for more exotic materials like recycled glass, quartz, stainless steel or even concrete.

A tip: Whatever you choose from appliances to counters and cabinets, be sure they’re easy to clean, resist scratches and abrasions and the surfaces are safe for food preparation.

To help you get a better understanding of kitchen options in Madison WI, call Westring Construction at 608-441-5435 or email us to begin a review of your kitchen update. We serve Dane County and surrounding areas including Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, McFarland, Cottage Grove and Stoughton.

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Cost vs Value Survey – 2016

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