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Adding a sunroom to your home is an ideal renovation for Madison WI. It’s another example of how detailed project planning creates exceptional results.

How much does a remodeling project cost? That’s the first big question homeowners have for a remodeling contractor. It’s a question with as many different answers as Madison WI has home styles. When homeowners meet with a contractor they want three things: ideas, a plan and a quote. In today’s remodeling market the old saying, “you get what you pay for” applies more than ever.

The building industry is constantly evolving thanks to advances in technology and materials. These changes, plus the cost of skilled labor keeps remodeling professionals on their toes. It also puts a strain on their resources. In today’s environment they cannot provide free services that were once common. Free estimates or free quotes on potential jobs are now fee for service options.

Sorting Out Terms

When a contractor provides a free estimate it is little more than an educated guess. And most make it clear that they cannot be held to it when final plans are created. Estimates are based on approximations not research, proof or calculations.

A bid, on the other hand, is a combination of research, material specifications, price quotes from suppliers and all detailed costs. Completing a bid takes time from project managers, trained planners, architects and engineers. They include site visits and research into material availability and resources.

A quote is a price representation. Contractors get quotes for products from their vendors for the price of materials, cabinetry and other items. They are often time-sensitive. A quote varies from time to time based on product availability and basic supply and demand.

A proposal is the final phase in the process. It is a detailed document outlining the total scope of a plan including timing and costs. It includes labor costs, taxes and a contractor’s overhead. A proposal is the total package. Many come with a place for homeowners to sign to complete their commitment – turning a proposal into a contract for work.

Don’t Expect Something For Nothing

Remodeler | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC
A detailed project like this unique kitchen remodel requires a lot of pre-construction planning. “Measure twice, cut once” is an old contractor axiom the saves time and money. It applies to planning, too – but it doesn’t come for free.

When you’re contemplating a home renovation connecting with a professional contractor is an important step. But, don’t expect to get design or building ideas for free. Top contractors like Westring Construction LLC understand the costs involved, pay their craftsmen well and do not work for free. Because an estimate is “a wild guess,” Westring avoids them. They have to be redone when a project goes forward so doing it right the first time is a better value for time. For a new kitchen, expanded master bath, screened porch or any home project you will pay Westring for a detailed bid. There’s no obligation to contract with the company to complete the project. Charging for a bid covers the cost of time and resources. Homeowners get more reliable information and contractors get paid for their experience and expertise.

Why Change The Process

Technology has made most businesses more efficient. It has also made them more complicated. With cellphones and computers information is at everyone’s fingertips. Electronic advances for scanning, creating designs and plotting floorplans make design work easier. But they don’t come without a cost. Putting all the advances to work in collaboration with designers and clients leads to reliable jobs.

Why charge for basic research? Planning renovation of a classic older home, for instance, easily includes more than 100 man hours of research. A contractor’s time is valuable. Planners, project managers and business owners are always in demand.

When you expect high-quality results, expect a professional approach to every phase of your planned project. Creating a new home that expands upon your dreams is a worthy goal. And it’s a goal well within your reach. It begins with detailed planning and a commitment from a team of skilled craftsmen.

With Westring Construction LLC the process includes:

  • Initial Office Meeting to discuss the overall scope of your project
  • Site Visit – a trip to your home to review the existing footprint and review possibilities
  • Making a decision – once the preliminary consultations are completed it’s time to walk away or commit to the project
  • Pre-construction process including energy conservation services, feasibility study, etc.
  • Formal, detailed designs created
  • Preliminary schedule, timeline established
  • Final construction drawings
  • Final pre-construction conference
  • Demolition and construction
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Project Completion

Choose Your Remodeling Contractor Wisely

Westring Construction LLC specializes in renovations throughout the Madison area. If you want to update a dated older home or expand upon your existing space no project is too large. Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to discuss how a professional remodeling contractor can improve your Madison WI home.

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