Undercabinet Lighting Boosts Kitchen Efficiency

Undercabinet Lighting | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC

Hardwired LED fixtures illuminate backsplash and countertops.

When light in the kitchen is at a premium, undercabinet lighting makes a huge difference. Seldom does a Madison WI homeowner say “I have too much light on my kitchen counters.” More likely it’s “I hate working in the shadows. Overhead cabinets, shelves and kitchen helpers all cast shadows on the work space. Traditional light fixtures don’t cover all the nooks.

Kitchen lights come in three basic categories: task lighting, accent lights and decorative fixtures. Continue reading

Designing For Wellness – Your Home Impacts Your Health

Bathroom Remodel | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC

Multiple level shower heads, a comfortable seat and no lip to stumble on make this an excellent example of designing for wellness.

Your home has a huge influence on your well-being and designing for wellness makes sense. Everything from the materials you choose in your Madison WI home remodel to the layout of rooms, lighting and colors plays a role in family health and happiness.

Scientific study shows that spaces where we spend a lot of time – like our homes – have a big influence on our lives. Homeowners and remodelers are realizing how they change structures and space can either enhance or hinder healthy lifestyles.

There are two spaces in every home that deserve top priority – and get the most requests for renovations: the kitchen and the master bathroom. These rooms are centers of attention every day. Family activities focus on them and so should you. Continue reading

Home Renovation For The ‘Empty Nest’

Home Renovation | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC

Planning ahead includes taking into account special needs as you age.

As our population ages more and more families plan a home renovation project to redo their “empty nest.” The Madison WI area features dozens of attractive, mature neighborhoods. They are home to many life-long residents. A common suggestion is “downsize” when a family lifestyle changes. An option growing faster all the time is to “right size.” People take the homes they love and remake them to accommodate a new daily routine. They make the most of the space they are comfortable in.

When the time comes there are plenty of questions on what to do – move, remodel or expand? And, of course, there is no right answer. One size does not fit all. Continue reading

How Long For A Home Renovation – An Honest Appraisal

Home Renovation | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC

The more detailed and complex the project, the more time it takes … but this kitchen proves it’s worth it!

How long does a home renovation take? The immediate, honest answers are:

  • “That depends…” Installing hardwood floors and painting walls takes far less time than creating an open concept within a period home.
  • “Longer than you think…” TV shows and how-to videos make even elaborate projects look easier and quicker than they are. From planning to finishing takes time to insure a great result. Dozens of factors come into play from how soon your municipality issues permits to how long it takes to get custom-ordered materials.

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A Unique Custom Ceiling Design Makes A Statement

Custom Ceiling | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC

Simple and elegant this ceiling combines creative lighting, architectural elements and a versatile ceiling fan.

A custom ceiling treatment is a sure way to make a statement when you update or expand your home. In fact, one of the latest architectural design and remodeling trends is a “statement ceiling.” Once an afterthought, the ceiling is now a blank canvas for creative expression. With homes in Madison WI representing decades of styles there are opportunities for transforming dated ceilings into showpieces.

Creating an expressive ceiling doesn’t mean tearing out existing structures or going overboard with accessories. While vaulted ceilings, exposed beams and tray treatments all qualify there are other ways to extend your personality above your head. Continue reading

Create An Open Concept In An Older Home

Open Concept | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC

A classic bungle renovation opens up the space for an active family.

Two, three or four decades ago the “open concept” for home design was a radical idea. Walls and separate rooms for everything were the accepted style. The Madison WI area has a wealth of homes built in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, making it ideal for older home remodel plans to expand indoor horizons.

Modern design includes opening sightlines and taking down walls. Cape Cod, Craftsman and contemporary styles in local neighborhoods are ideal candidates to in interior makeover.

If your home has too many walls, too many nooks and hallways, consider the most popular alternative: Continue reading

Attractive Guest Bathroom Caters To Friends & Family

Guest Bathroom | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC

Unique fixtures and wall treatments make this guest bath a bright spot for visitors.

Kitchen and master bathroom renovations are for you, updating your guest bathroom is for friends and family. A bathroom remodel designed to make guests feel welcome also makes your home more attractive to realtors and potential buyers. In a competitive real estate market like Madison WI, taking advantage of the demand for bathroom amenities makes sense.

Designers across the country report creating powder rooms that are fun for home owners and guest are high on people’s wish list. Your guest powder room is a space friends and family see and use for sure. Continue reading

Professional Painters Access New Paint Colors

Professional Painters | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC

Many designers expect variations of dark green to be the paint color of the year for 2019.

Professional painters have a wave of new paint colors to choose from for 2019. A new coat of paint is the least costly and most efficient way to give any room in your Madison WI home a facelift and there are more spectacular color combinations now than ever. Whether you’re looking to create drama, enliven a room or just make a décor change, enlisting a team of professional painters is a wise investment.

Color experts at all the major paint companies create palettes of colors each year. The formula for the top paints colors each year is big business – so is picking just the right color to attract buyers. These experts look to other industries – automotive, consumer electronics and fashion – to tap into the hottest color trends. Continue reading

Range Hood Styles Combines Form and Function

Kitchen Renovation | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC

This farmhouse-style kitchen features a range hood that blends perfectly with cabinetry and décor.

No matter what the goal for your new kitchen, there’s a modern range hood style to compliment it. Range hoods that blend into the background so you hardly know they’re there, or exhaust hoods that are a focal point in your kitchen renovation. There’s a wide array of sizes, shapes and materials to fit for your Madison WI remodel.

If you’re restoring one of the area’s classic older homes, the original kitchen probably didn’t come with a range hood. Adding, or upgrading is an important step. When you cook, especially if you fry food, smoke, odors and particles are released into the air. They hang around long after food preparation is complete. An efficient range hood literally clears the air. Depending upon the range hood style you choose, this vital appliance also: Continue reading

Industrial-look Kitchen Adds Contemporary Professional Appeal

Kitchen Remodel-Madison WI-Westring Construction

If your home doesn’t have brick walls you can recreate the feel with custom tile work.

Bold styling, natural materials and textures give an industrial-look kitchen a strong presence and plenty of character. Whether your home renovation includes a food preparation area fit for a professional or a room making the most of an older building’s style and character you have popular options.

The concept of a kitchen with an industrial look doesn’t mean recreating an institutional space. It relies more on rugged, robust materials and can be adapted to most any space. An industrial kitchen mixes wood, metal and glass while introducing textures and colors to create a more unpolished, hard-working look. Continue reading