Basement Remodeling Ideas in Madison WI

Basement remodeling is a relatively inexpensive and usually quick way to add livable space to your home. For growing families or homeowners wanting to add separate spaces for workshops, crafting or other activities needing room to spread out, basement remodeling is a great option.

An exciting aspect of a basement remodel is your basement can become a center of fun for your family and friends. There are no shortage of great basement remodel ideas.

Consider the following options for basement remodeling:
  • Rec Rooms
  • Workout room
  • Bathrooms
  • Offices
  • Bedrooms
  • Media/Theater Rooms
  • Workshops
  • Crafting Areas

Basement Remodel Can Become
a Stay-cation

By using your basement remodel as an area your family can enjoy, it can also make staying at home much more fun. Having a good basement remodel can create a great place for kids to hang out, a comfortable area for watching movies or an excellent area to spread out crafts or a project area. Your basement can easily become a “staycation”.

Rainy days or other inclement weather are no problem for your kids and their friends. They have a great place to “land”. And, just as importantly, you know where your kids are. That is a great feeling in and of itself.

Basement Remodeling Added to Home Additions in Madison WI

There have been multiple times when Westring Construction, LLC has built home additions. When these additions go beyond existing foundations, a basement remodel is also part of the overall project. If you are expanding your home, the new home addition does not have to be without a basement. Not only can we build up – we can build down too.

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