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Unique fixtures and wall treatments make this guest bath a bright spot for visitors.

Kitchen and master bathroom renovations are for you, updating your guest bathroom is for friends and family. A bathroom remodel designed to make guests feel welcome also makes your home more attractive to realtors and potential buyers. In a competitive real estate market like Madison WI, taking advantage of the demand for bathroom amenities makes sense.

Designers across the country report creating powder rooms that are fun for home owners and guest are high on people’s wish list. Your guest powder room is a space friends and family see and use for sure.

Add ‘Wow’ With Your Bathroom Remodel

A half-bath for visitors is an ideal way to generate conversations. Furnishing the space with unique pieces, colors and accents provides a “wow” factor. What better place to let your personality free.

Take advantage of the space available and consider various styles and element like:

  • Unique wall treatments – tile, shiplap panels, wallpaper. Add art, mirrors and lights to finish the effect.
  • Explore colors – explore a new home and you’ll find everything from bold, dark colors, metal wallpapers and gilded fixtures to basic black and white. This relatively small space is a good place to share ideas that don’t work in a larger space.
  • Turn generic into special – you can bring design elements from throughout your home into the space. Dare to be expressive. What you do here doesn’t impact the rest of the house.

Designers remind potential do-it-yourselfers that working in small, limited spaces requires more creative thought. Center your design around a major piece of art, a designer sink, favorite colors or memories of special travel.

Guest Bathroom Wall Treatments

Bath Remodel | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC
Color, texture and lighting gives a small bathroom the ‘wow’ factor.

Dramatic choices for wall covering abound. You’re not limited to paint or traditional wallpaper. There are metallic wallpapers and durable vinyl options designed to resist moisture. Wall treatments that challenge your creativity include:

  • Bold colors – contrasting colors, highlighting wallpapers and fixtures.
  • Wallpaper graphics – there’s a lot more to wallpaper today than plain stripes and Victoria-era flowers.
  • Exotic woods – anything from trendy shiplap to cork and bamboo make interesting walls.
  • Tile – time-honored subway tile is a mainstay of small bathrooms, but let your imagination loose and visit a professional tile shop to see all the options.

Wall coverings are one of the areas where you can overwhelm your budget in a hurry without the guidance of a bathroom remodel professional.

Relying upon paint to set the tone then consider covering the walls with interesting art, unusually-shaped mirrors and spectacular light fixtures.

Creative Guest Bathroom Lighting

When a guest flips on the light they want enough to make the room functional. Choosing the right light generates a welcoming ambiance at the same time.

Creative lighting is also an excellent way to use dark colors in a small space, especially if there are no windows. Making a bathroom designed around dark colors work requires crisp, clear lighting rather than anything that casts a yellowish glow.

Make a statement with unusual lighting – a chandelier in a powder room!

Remodel Around Unique Furnishings

The sink is an essential element of the powder room but it needn’t be plain or boring. They too are candidates for special treatment. Custom vanities built around special pieces of furniture are hot. They provide storage and make a statement. How about a unique bowl-like sink sitting atop an antique dresser? In some guest bath projects the vanity has the starring role, in others it’s a supporting player.

Call Upon Pros To Create A Distinctive Guest Bath

Westring Construction LLC has the expertise and experience to review all the options for any home remodeling project anywhere in Dane County.

Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to discuss a timely bathroom remodel and to impress friends and family with distinctive guest bathroom in your Madison WI home.

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