Seamless Single Addition to Double Garage Whole Kitchen Remodel - Deck Rebuild Taliesin Style Rear Porch Built with IPE Wood

Home Additions are Complete Transformations

Home additions, no matter how large or small, almost always signal a new chapter in the life of a family. Whether it’s a growing family needing more room, empty nesters repurposing a portion of their home or grandparents expanding a family area to make room for visiting grandchildren, home additions often signal a new chapter in one’s life.

Home Additions Extend a Good Thing

Many of our clients love their homes. They just want a little more of it. Home renovation is often the best option compared to buying an existing home or new construction. Westring Construction, LLC is expert at designing and building home additions with authentic period looks.

We have built home additions onto homes of a wide range of eras. In most cases, the home additions are not detectable. The best thing about home additions is they give you the excitement of new living areas without the pain and inconvenience of moving from the neighborhood you love.

Moving to a New Stage with
Home Renovation

Adding an addition to your home is also a good time to add extra features to your home.

A great example is when a master bedroom and bath are expanded, adding accessible design elements can ensure you’ll live in your home longer. Accessible showers, grab bars, easy access closets, oversized doors and other convenience features make life easier now and in the future when you may really need them. As you age, you can stay in your own home with dignity.

Additions Can Be Your New Sanctuary

Many of our home additions projects become the room or home renovation the homeowner always wanted. An office, a study, a special project area or just a great place to relax, be together or entertain.

Because we excel at the design-build process, we have been able to add new dimensions to a planned home renovation. Because most homeowners do not usually know all of the options available with home additions, we have had the happy task of introducing unique and distinct ideas for consideration. Not only can we create new sanctuary for our clients, we often have been able to add a unique flair our clients love.

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