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Simple and elegant this ceiling combines creative lighting, architectural elements and a versatile ceiling fan.

A custom ceiling treatment is a sure way to make a statement when you update or expand your home. In fact, one of the latest architectural design and remodeling trends is a “statement ceiling.” Once an afterthought, the ceiling is now a blank canvas for creative expression. With homes in Madison WI representing decades of styles there are opportunities for transforming dated ceilings into showpieces.

Creating an expressive ceiling doesn’t mean tearing out existing structures or going overboard with accessories. While vaulted ceilings, exposed beams and tray treatments all qualify there are other ways to extend your personality above your head.

The Elements Of A Custom Ceiling

The basic building blocks of a creative ceiling treatment include color, lighting and special finishes.

Color – Choosing paint for walls and trim is a lengthy process. Standard ceilings are usually white or an off-white. Today’s designers treat the ceiling as a “fifth wall.” The right paint color above the room changes everything.

Lighting – Lighting options are both functional and dramatic. Custom light fixtures mixed with natural light enhance activities and ambiance. Preferred lighting options include:

  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant lights
  • Recessed lighting
  • Mood lighting – including dimmer switches on conventional fixtures
  • Lights attached to ceiling fans

Remodeling Trends Highlight Finishing Touches

Remodeling Trends | Madison WI | Westring Construction, LLC
The warmth of wood coupled with unique lighting makes a statement in this mudroom and laundry area.

For a real statement ceiling, think beyond paint. Remember, anything you can put on the first four walls works on the fifth wall. Special finishes include:

  • Architectural moldings – tray ceilings continue their popularity and in the right setting make a classic, traditional statement. Ideal for formal rooms like dining room and master bedroom.
  • Press tin – a dramatic, vintage look. There’s the real thing or easier to find (and less expensive) high-tech reproductions. Tin tiles are ideal for an Art Deco or Victorian look. Consider embossed tiles for great patterns and add character.
  • Basic wallpaper – for a truly unique approach, apply graphic patterns and unusual fabrics to the ceiling.
  • Wooden panels – trendy shiplap works well on the ceiling. So does a variety of other wood panel products.
  • Standard tile – with all the colors, textures, shapes and patterns available, why not apply them to the ceiling?

There’s an additional element that transform a traditional installation to a statement ceiling: an artistic touch. When you combine all the elements and blend them into your overall design the new ceiling is another spot to display your personal touch.

As you consider the latest remodeling trends and ceiling renovations, don’t overlook the need for energy-efficiency. Vaulted ceilings are an example of treatments that have been tabbed as inefficient over the years. They needn’t be. Decorator ceiling fans are not only versatile and attractive they enhance the performance of your HVAC system as they move air throughout the room. Ceiling fans come in dozens of colors, shapes, sizes and unique styles.

Select A Pro For Your Custom Ceiling

To make your new ceiling design a signature element of your remodeling project, tap into the knowledge and skills of a remodeling professional. A knowledgeable, skilled contractor combines all your design elements to make a statement you’ll be proud of for decades.

Westring Construction LLC has the expertise and experience to review all the options for any home remodeling project anywhere in Dane County. It specializes in bringing classic period homes into the 21st century with the latest design and construction technology.

Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to discuss the latest remodeling trends and see how you can make a statement with a unique custom ceiling in your Madison WI home.


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