Westring Construction – The Remodeling Contractor For Your Home in Madison WI

No matter if you want to update a small bathroom, open up your first floor or add a new room, finding the best remodeling contractor to do the job is a challenge. Home remodelers are not all alike. Few match the passion and commitment Westring Construction LLC brings to your Madison WI project.

Successful remodelers share the same traits, but only a select few flourish in the competitive home renovation and commercial remodeling arenas. If you’re willing to commit to a sizeable investment in time and money, you expect an equally committed remodeling contractor, don’t you? Of course you do!

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Before getting into sizes, shapes, new products, building trends and paint colors what do you truly want from anyone who will be working in your home? Consider these three elements your remodeler of choice must have:

  • Integrity – you expect honesty and a professional that honors commitments.
  • Communications – nobody likes surprises, you expect to be kept informed as your project moves forward.
  • Resolve – when you decide to remake all or part of your home you understand there are unknowns, but you expect your remodeling pro to solve problems and get results.

In addition, Westring, with its decades of experience takes the process even further, sharing with you these highly-prized traits:

  • Vision – An ability to see the “big picture” and apply extensive experience to everything from a small bathroom renovation, a kitchen remodel or a whole house remodel to building additions, porches and decks.
  • Innovation – Applying all the latest trends in design style and building materials to achieve outstanding results.
  • People skills – Bringing a “no surprises” management style to each project Westring prides itself on communications before and during every phase of your project.
  • Focus – Westring Construction makes you feel like yours is its most important project – because it is.

Benefit From Our Passion For Home Remodeling

In your mind your needs may be simple:

  • Your need a bigger bathroom – or another one
  • You’ve hit the “I hate my kitchen” point
  • The family has outgrown the space – “we need more rooms”
  • A porch or deck would be really nice.

Your imagination and lifestyle dictate what’s on your list of wants and needs. It’s up to us to give life to what you envision. We’re passionate about it!

We have used Westring Construction for several projects in our home over the past few years. Whether big or small, each project has gone smoothly, finished on time, and within the budget. James does a great job of collaborating with us to define the project. He works with us to understand our vision and makes suggestions. He is sensitive to maintaining the original character of the house, while adding modern enhancements. We have been so pleased with the results that we have recommended Westring Construction to family and friends, and plan to use them again in our next house.

Brian and Amanda – Madison, WI

When Westring Construction commits to a building project it goes “all in.” The ultimate goal is two-fold:

  • Deliver exactly what you want on time and within budget.
  • Blend the new with the spirit and heritage of your existing home.

Madison area neighborhoods have character, style and history. A home addition should reflect that. Adding a deck or a porch addition should reflect that. Historic home renovation and period restorations are among our specialties.

Madison is a great place to live. We share your love of the city and surrounding communities. We make it a point to work with homeowners to be sensitive to all the aesthetics of every neighborhood. We respect every architectural style represented throughout the area. When it comes to remodeling or home additions the goal is always to blend a family’s lifestyle with the neighborhood’s character.

Westring Construction Brings Home Renovation Dreams To Life

Westring Construction LLC is committed to creating unique home renovation and commercial remodeling solutions delivering both form and function.

When the time is right, we’re ready, willing and more than able to transform your home or business. If one of the following is in your dreams, take advantage of our expertise:

Home RemodelingThe whole house or one room at a time. With passion and commitment to excellence we’ll match any period, design or architectural style and deliver a new space you’ll want to show off for years to come.

Home Additions – you love your neighborhood but are running out of living space; no problem. We specialize in adding home additions. Maybe a bump-out is the answer, or a larger home addition. We can build up and out if a second floor or new wing is what’s needed. Our design/build expertise is at your disposal and we have skills and experience the average remodeling contractor does not.

Kitchen Remodel – the kitchen is the No. 1 space homeowners want redesigned. Because it has evolved to become the hub of modern day family life, it is more important than ever. The kitchen is not only where meals are planned and prepared, it’s where homework gets done, household business is transacted and the family’s daily routine kicks off. When you’re ready we’re here to deliver the kitchen renovation of your dreams.

Bathroom Renovation – whether to add a powder room, enlarge a guest bathroom of create a spa-like master bath, a bathroom remodel is No. 2 on homeowner wish lists.

Basement Finishing – One of the most cost-efficient ways to add livable space is with a creative and functional lower level or basement remodel. Consider adding a private home office, an incredible family room, home theater or specialty space – workout room, craft room, etc.

Professional Painting Services – What’s the most cost-effective, quickest way to breathe new life into your home? It’s with a fresh coat of paint – whether simply refreshing the existing color or making a statement with new, designer colors. As a DIY project painting is time consuming, disruptive and often disappointing. Professional painting mixes experience, skill and all the right tools for a result you’re proud of.

Home Remodeling – Do You Know ‘What You Don’t Know’

If you knew all the ins and outs of home renovation would you need a professional remodeling contractor? Unless you’ve done it, chances are you have no idea what you’re getting into. One of the most common comments from would-be remodeling clients is: “I didn’t know you could do that.”

Remodeling and home renovation is a process, not just a job. There’s paperwork – who gets the permits and schedules inspections required by law? There’s time and resource management. And there’s developing a cadre of “go-to” resources you can rely upon to get things done on time and up to demanding standards.

There are two renovation specialties Westring Construction offers most Madison area contractors don’t:

Historic Home Renovation – throughout the Madison area you’ll find classic, historic architecture. Bringing these wonderful properties back to life is a challenge Westring gladly accepts. We commit to historic restoration and period restorations like no others. Each deserves respect and commitment. Whether you’re hoping to bring a stately Victorian “Lady” back to its glory days or help a 1950s ranch regain its flare we’re here to help.

Expertise In Commercial Remodeling – Years of experience dealing with every kind of space provides Westring with insights and skills in demand for renovating commercial space. Let us show you how we can re-energize your offices, retail spaces, food service facilities and other business-oriented commercial endeavors. Trends in interior design flow easily from commercial to residential. Homeowners often get inspiration from office spaces, hotels and shops. Ideas flow the other way, too. If you’re planning to invest in a new look for your business you want something attractive and popular with your clientele, right? We bring the same skill and expertise to your business as we do to Madison area homes.

Weigh Remodeling Contractor Options – Choose Wisely

 The quality of your finished project is reflected in the integrity of reputation of the contractor you choose to work with. There’s more to a quality result than materials and finishes. The quality of the process every step of the way is important to us. When plans fall short, deadlines are missed and communications falters quality suffers – no matter how good the eventual workmanship is. That’s why we commit to a quality experience not just an acceptable outcome.

Westring does more than good work – they do the little things that make the whole experience pleasant and stress-free. Their crew was careful, skilled, responsive, respectful, and courteous. Their attention to customer satisfaction was refreshing and ensured that we always got what we needed. The quality of their workmanship never left anything to be desired. They always took the time to answer my questions and consistently provided me with objective information and advice before, during, and after project work.

Randall W – Madison, WI

Character and integrity are two words seldom associated with remodeling projects. They refer to the people and company behind them, not flooring, cabinetry and fixtures. Westring Construction, LLC takes pride in more than quality craftsmanship. You are looking for a quality outcome and expect the best from everyone involve, correct? We won’t settle for anything less.

Westring Construction LLC has decades of experience and understands the stresses home remodeling and home renovation places on homeowners. We invite you to put our experience to work. You can be confident in getting the highest quality workmanship, responsible performance and total commitment.

Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to team up with the best remodeling contractor for your home in Madison WI.