A Passion for Remodeling in Madison Wisconsin

Remodeling your home in Madison WI can be a daunting task. Our passion is to help you alter your home to suit your family’s needs while maintaining the look, feel and spirit of the home before the remodeling process. Depending on where your home is located there can be a number of challenges to deal with. Homes located on the Isthmus can have physical limitations as well as unique building ordinances. Proximity to public areas or water can also have an impact on Madison remodeling projects. We look forward to helping you transform your home.


We are a remodeling contractor with a passion for matching the period and the type of construction of your home. Our remodeling goal is to make your finished project look as if it was always there.


Home additions are remodeling projects at which we excel. Our design and build expertise allows us to insert a home addition into your existing structure seamlessly, in a manner an average remodeling contractor cannot.


We admire classic and historical buildings and genuinely embrace the challenge a historic restoration presents. We believe they are like no other renovations and deserve the proper respect and commitment from a remodeling contractor.


One of the most cost-efficient ways to add livable space to your home is with a creative and functional basement remodel. From a private home office to an incredible rec room, your basement holds many options.


Our design build orientation allows us to build out offices, retail spaces, food service and other high use commercial functions. We have the experience and skill to execute any design in a productive and profitable manner.


If you love cooking or your kitchen is ground zero for your family’s daily routine, we can help. Let us share ideas for center islands and work areas, innovative storage strategies and efficient meal prep.


Aesthetically Sensitive and Respectful Remodeling in Madison WI

We know you are living in your home for a reason. You liked it to begin with. Whether it’s the location or the design or other features – that is why you originally moved in. Our vision is to provide our Madison WI customers with aesthetically sensitive designs and builds. The overriding goal is to be respectful of the initial design of the home we are remodeling. In doing so, we also find our Madison remodeling projects, in turn, match the sensibilities of the family living in the home.

Let Your Vision Be Our Madison
Remodeling Vision

Westring Construction, LLC is committed to being the remodeling contractor you can rely on to create your unique remodeling solution. We see our relationship as a collaboration designed to deliver an aesthetic, functional and environmentally distinctive remodeling project in Madison WI.

Remodeling with Integrity

The quality of your remodeling contractor is significant when you consider remodeling in Madison WI. When we say quality, we are referring to quality of work done. Even the best plans will fall short if work done is poor quality.

However, to have a quality experience and outcome, the character of your contractor must also be of high quality. Your remodeling contractor must actually do what is promised. Westring Construction, LLC takes pride in not only the quality of our work, but the quality of our character. Home remodeling or adding an addition in the best situation can be very challenging. Without a remodeling contractor you can rely on, a positive outcome is virtually impossible.

We pride ourselves on displaying the following qualities on every project:

  • Ethical Operations
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Trustworthiness
  • Uniqueness